Who is in the Kitchen?

Want to know a little about who these girls are and what they're cooking up? You've found the right place. 

Note to all readers:  Not all recipes we will post will be gluten free.  However, I will try to add in tips to make them gluten free.  (But I won't have tried them all at first... so I'm not going to guarantee that they work.)

Annette: After reading WeddingBee extensively while planning her nuptials, I dived into the world of blogging and finally accepted Web 2.0. (Funny, considering I teach technology by day!)  I'm the originator of this adventure and asked some friends to join me a la WeddingBee style.  I'm gluten free and stay away from dairy (though cheese does draw me into it's evil clutches every once in awhile.  There's just no good substitute for real cheese. *sigh*)  Since getting married I've fallen in love with playing 1950s housewife; complete with my apron, pearls, heels and kitch-en!  Hope you enjoy my recipes....cooking with pearls is optional!

Lauren:  Lauren is the creator of the Daily Dog Scoop and blogger extraordinaire.  She's the non-measuring cook of the bunch so make it up yourself! Expect to find a lot of good vegetarian and red meat recipes from this girl. She just remodeled her kitchen so she's ready to break it in!

Keri:  Keri's another gluten & dairy free girl.  She's the official baker of the bunch.  You want cupcakes? She's on it.  Expect a lot of deliciousness from her and her bright red Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer.

Christine:  Christine is our Farm Fresh Country Chef!  After a weekly trip to the farmer's market she crafts all sorts of yummy creations.  Get ready for lots of yummy, healthy ideas!

Krissie:  Krissie is our full-on vegetarian, with a love of many cuisines and flavors.  She's super busy with her day job but when she can fit in a trip to the kitchen...watch out! You know you're in for some amazing food.